West Kent Lifeguards

Volunteer lifeguards are provided by West Kent Lifeguards and are especially trained and qualified to Royal Life Saving Society standards. They are trained to work with the disabled and are present at every session to ensure the safety of club members.

West Kent Lifeguards have provided volunteers for over thirty years to ensure water safety supervision and they all hold a Disabled Supervisor or Pool Lifeguard qualification. We have successfully trained a number of disabled candidates over the years, some of whom volunteer at our sessions and some who have gone on to gain full time employment in the industry.

We hold regular training sessions both for rescue skills in the water and First Aid training poolside. If you, or anyone you know, is interested in becoming a volunteer lifeguard and training to become RLSS qualified to assist in the ongoing safety of our members please speak to one of the Lifeguards on Friday evening.

West Kent Life Guards is an affiliated member of The Royal Life Saving Society UK RLSS-logo